Mandatory detention? For the school kids?

Please. Have a look at this.

As a Global Studies student in my last semester, I am excited to be leaving the depressing lectures and tutorials in which my classmates bag out the Australian government on issue to do with refugees, asylum-seekers… and only now, as I write these words, do I understand how selfish they are.

Yes, this is not my field, or calling, but I do have a duty and a right as a member of this class to be interested, if nothing else, in the lives of these people who suffer and have suffered.

After reading this document that tells people with health problems and temporary residency in Australian communities that their funding will be cut and that they have only three weeks to find new housing, I am so angry! Imagine having finally been allowed into this beautiful country and then being denied your right to shelter and wellbeing!! I can not, I do not want to imagine it. It is horrible, and cruel.

I always associate the word “detention” with being a naughty child in school (never one to go against authority, I was never in detention, thank you very much), so why do we hold these blameless people there is such terrible conditions? What exactly is their crime to deserve being held in a prison for an indefinite amount of time?