Dear you and me

This is a letter to yourself – and to anyone else who might benefit.

I think that you need to hear this. You also need to write it, because you know it’s true, and, right now, I don’t know anyone else I can trust to tell me this.

You need to get hobbies! You can’t sit in your room, night after night, watching TV shows on your laptop and getting annoyed at the poor quality wifi. You need to get out there, even though it’s hard. Even though you feel awkward and shy. Even if you feel nervous or, worse, that nothing-ish feeling.

Remember how things can be good. But don’t dwell on the past and ask yourself why it isn’t like that still. Ask yourself how you can improve on what you have now. Tell yourself you can get a hobby – if you schedule something  and commit to it, you go to it. If you go out, you have something to talk about with the people around you. It’ll all help and you’ll be happier. Be happier.

A lot of love, from me


Author: oufg

"It's been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will." That's me. With challenges along the way, this 21 year old is trying to find the best way to enjoy life with a love of many things, like food, reading, gardening, writing, learning, eating, working, and a rather fickle mind. If you want, tell me what you'd like me to write about - it's exhilarating to go off on tangents, like exploring an unwritten book

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